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Chapter 95


Chapter 106


Chapter 432


Chapter 835

Mohave County

Chapter 975

East Valley - Mesa

Chapter 1011

Sierra Vista

Chapter 1093

West Valley - Sun City

Chapter 1043

At Large


About AVVA in Arizona

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America Arizona Association Inc. (AVVA) works along side Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA):

  • To foster, encourage, and promote the improvement of the condition of the Vietnam era veteran, their families, all veterans and their communities.
  • To help eliminate discrimination suffered by Vietnam vets and to advocate for veterans rights.
  • To bring awareness of the physical problems caused by Agent Orange (Dioxin) and other toxins used in Vietnam, to all veterans and their children down through several generations and to hold the government accountable for proper health care.
  • To obtain the fullest accounting possible of all POW-MIAs.


AVVA Convention in Jacksonville, FL. (Below) with our new State Incorporation Charter.